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7 Steps to Success Down Weight Without Dieting

Often that caused the failure of a person’s diet is not discipline . Diet pattern is correct , unfortunately not followed the rules and the selection of food .

Sure, a strict diet pattern can not always be followed by every person . The reason is the same , boring . When the body is tired , food tastes more tempting than the desire to have ideal weight .

Do not worry ladies , just follow the steps below in order to successfully lose weight without dieting . Well it goes without wearing DIET true ?

Yeap , that’s right . Reported , though there are people who successfully lose weight by dieting , still less with those who are reluctant to go on a diet . And this is causing a lot of experts think of how to help those who are reluctant to go on a diet that can still have a healthy weight . Therefore , let’s read the following success steps .

Step 1 .

Say goodbye to the diet , and do not need to follow a diet program that you read . This is serious you know. Diets will only make your weight go up if do not discipline . Therefore , it might as well not have to diet .

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Step 2 .

Consumption of all food , no need to limit the variety of foods that cause allergic anything but .

Step 3 .

Stop counting the number of calories that enter the body . Use your feelings , realize and feel whether the body is enough to get it ? If it is enough , stop , do not overeat .

Step 4 .

Eat whenever you feel hungry . Do not delay . Delaying will increase the level of hunger and even make you eat in a redundant portion to satisfy that hunger .

Step 5 .

When eating , do it slowly . Feel every food that goes into your mouth . No need to rush .

Step 6 .

Your mouth needs to be satisfied , for that do not let you eat a diet that is different in one meal . For example, this time you want to eat heavy food , give it heavy . At other times when you are hungry , satisfy the fruits . Once again , feel every food that enters the body so that you feel full and satisfied .

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Step 7 .

Stop when half the food on your plate is up . Feel and ask yourself , are you satisfied ? Are you satisfied ? If the answer is yes , then you should stop , if not, you should move on again .

Residents of Okinawa Japan , practice instruction eat 80 % full to keep stay young age . They do not let themselves starve , but also does not allow himself glut . This is why they are always satisfied with what they eat without restricting any food into the stomach , and still have ideal weight .